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Update Alerts

The copper price threat to Chile and Peru

Declining Chinese demand should lead to lower prices as supply comes on stream.

17 September 2014

Venezuela risks rise

For some high-yield managers the country’s bonds retain their attractions.

09 September 2014

Premium products under pressure in Brazil

Our survey suggests many consumers are turning to cheaper products.

08 September 2014

Dilma rallies in Brazil

Marina Silva still favourite to win, but the gap is narrowing polls suggest.

05 September 2014

Brazilian consumer confidence edges higher

In spite of a slower economy, Brazilians still have money to spend, our survey suggests.

03 September 2014

Mexico’s slow recovery

Our survey shows consumer confidence edging upwards in 3Q14.

01 September 2014

Silva strengthens her position in polls

Markets welcome the growing possibility of an opposition victory in October’s presidential elections

28 August 2014

Chile pushes major investment plans in copper

Codelco funding announcement follows further signs of a slowdown.

27 August 2014

Silva takes poll lead in Brazil

New candidate changes the electoral outlook.

18 August 2014

A more competitive Brazilian election?

The death of Eduardo Campos could heighten competition in October's elections

15 August 2014

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