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Update Alerts

Higher returns for Brazilian electricity projects

Brazil looks to stall decline by reviving its infrastructure programme.

26 March 2015

Signs of improvement in Mexico

Retail sales continued to rise in January suggesting the economy may be gaining some modest momentum.

20 March 2015

Poorer Brazilians turn against Dilma

A new poll has confirmed that the president’s popularity is plummeting, with the decline among poorer voters especially sharp.

18 March 2015

Dilma’s popularity close to collapse

Our Consumer Survey suggests that Brazil’s government is increasingly isolated.

16 March 2015

Mexico sweetens tax terms for oil auctions

With oil prices low, the industry criticised existing fiscal terms as too tight.

10 March 2015

Another blow for Dilma Rousseff

The investigation of government politicians over the Petrobras scandal will weaken an already unpopular leader.

09 March 2015

Brazil raises rates to six-year highs

With fiscal uncertainty growing and inflationary pressure strong, further rises are on the cards.

05 March 2015

Brazil announces further spending cuts

New measures should help secure fiscal stability but will depress growth.

02 March 2015

Signs of a Chilean upturn

Lower oil prices and strong capital inflows are improving the economic outlook.

18 February 2015

Peru under pressure

Lower mining revenues hit 2014 GDP growth.

17 February 2015

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