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Diavaz highlights local interest in Mexico’s oil opening

Exxon Mobil has approached Diavaz about a potential partnership according to the Mexican oil service provider’s chief executive.

08 October 2014

Peruvian mining projects at risk

The left is in charge in Cajamarca and it advanced in two other regions following local elections on October 5.

07 October 2014

Peru’s local election risk

Mining projects at risk as the economy slows.

03 October 2014

Mexican energy sector heating up

The Mexican private sector is beginning to grasp the opportunities opened up by the reform.

18 September 2014

The copper price threat to Chile and Peru

Declining Chinese demand should lead to lower prices as supply comes on stream.

17 September 2014

Chile pushes major investment plans in copper

Codelco funding announcement follows further signs of a slowdown.

27 August 2014

Assessing political risk in Peru’s mining sector

Upcoming regional elections increase the risk of disruption to mining projects in Peru.

21 August 2014

Petrobras still undermined by price mismatch

Price controls continue to weigh on profits, but political calculations make change unlikely before October

11 August 2014

Mexican energy reform sails through lower house

Bill passage positive, but new rules are slightly more restrictive than originally envisaged.

30 July 2014

Vale well set to weather price weakness

Iron ore prices are set to remain weak for the foreseeable future, but Brazilian mining giant Vale is well set to weather the storm, given falling costs, improving average ore grades and ample liquidity, though regulatory risks remain.

24 July 2014

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