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11 April 2013

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Consumer Survey

A gentle pick up in confidence

Most of our proprietary indices have recovered slightly in March.


Hotels – assessing the overcapacity risk

We assess the progress of hotel investment plans in the 12 World Cup cities.


Regional poles on a high

Medium sized cities are coming to the fore in the drive to revive growth.

Tax cuts spur job creation in shoes and clothing

Tax breaks have encouraged textile companies to hire, but they continue to struggle against competition from imports.

The triangle advances

How Uberlândia has built on its logistic advantages

Bulls and Bears

The mood darkens on 2013 growth

The downward trend in growth forecasts continues but FDI forecasts are still stable.

Agenda: New deadline for ports law

Legislators have been negotiating changes to the provisional law measure due to lobbying.

Best of local comment

Deliberations in Durban

Brics summit elicits scepticism about whether members will manage to overcome political differences.

More industry woes

Declining industrial production provokes calls for reduction of bureaucracy and the tax burden.


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