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28 February 2013

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Macro view

Consumer Survey

Consumer confidence subdued

Our February consumer indicators provide evidence of the lacklustre mood among consumers.

Retail space booms amid consumer slowdown

Leasable area in Brazil’s shopping malls is expected to increase by one-tenth this year, and several retailers are accelerating their expansion plans.


Infrastructure: BNDES prepares for central role

The development bank has invested in tax-exempt debentures, yet there is little detail in its plans to increase financing for the overall package of transport projects.

Port plans under fire

Unions oppose liberalisation plan, bringing some ports to a halt.


Private equity interest in infrastructure builds

Our survey of funds suggests that investing in service providers to the large road and rail concessions is a rising priority. Respondents also reported increased optimism about exits and fundraising.

Bulls and Bears

In search of an inflection point

Forecasters and equity strategists are flirting with rosier views towards Brazil, yet government intervention still looms large.

Agenda: 4Q GDP to be announced

The data may affect signals from the monetary policy committee in early March.

Best of local comment

Next year’s presidential campaign kicks off

Partisan political exchanges have led some commentators to conclude that president Dilma Rousseff is posing as a nationalist, rather than a technocrat.

Jorge Lemann – Brazil’s Buffett?

Local commentators debate 3G investor Jorge Lemann's increasing prominence in global business – and his debt to the Brazilian Development Bank.


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