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17 January 2013

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Consumer Survey

Property prices – the latest bullish sign for Rio’s favelas

In Vidigal, one of 24 areas with new police presences, apartment prices have roughly doubled in the past 12 months. Homes are currently valued at about one-third less than in middle-income neighbourhoods in the city.

Consumers report strong December spending

Our consumer survey detects a pick-up in willingness to spend toward the end of the year, suggesting accelerating growth in retail sales.


Central bank holds rates at 7.25%

As expected, the Selic was left unchanged for a second successive meeting in a unanimous decision.


Fast-growing regions struggle with labour shortages

Our survey of businesses in Pernambuco and Goiás confirms difficulties in hiring and retaining staff, although there are signs that finding educated workers has become easier in recent months.

Bulls and Bears

The anxious wait for the recovery

A lack of confidence has turned the January stock market into a damp squib.

Agenda: São Paulo begins debt talks with federal government

The second half of January also sees monthly releases of credit and unemployment data, along with minutes from the central bank's rate-setting committee.

Best of local comment

Power rationing worries highlight long-term challenge

Although the short-term threat of electricity shortages is fading, commentators have begun to frame Brazil’s reliance on hydroelectricity as a risk rather than a strength.

Too close to Chávez?

Local commentators have questioned Brazilian diplomacy towards Venezuela, but their analysis appears exaggerated.


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