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20 December 2012

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Macro view

Consumer Survey

Electronics survey: Brazil gets smart

Brazil’s increasingly internet savvy middle class is fuelling a boom in state-of-the-art consumer electronics from smartphones to smart TVs.

Brazilians turn to tablets

Sales of the devices are set to double this year, with growth stretching from the iPad to low-cost local brands.

The word in Brasília

Rousseff still has room to manoeuvre

The government's coalition remains strong, despite fresh skirmishes over oil royalties and state taxes.

Bulls and Bears

What we got right in 2012

A review of where Brazil Confidential stood on the major macro issues in 2012, and how our forecasts stacked up against events.

January brings… price rises

Inflation looks in check, but it remains a headache for the authorities.

Agenda: airports package expected

At least two major airports are likely to be auctioned as part of a new government plan, which follows similar policies for roads, railways and ports.

Best of local comment

Lula under fire

Attacks on the former president are intended to damage Dilma Rousseff, but should only have a limited impact.

The new economic matrix

After the despair over third-quarter growth, a new group of commentators argue that the government should keep calm and carry on.


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