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22 November 2012

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Consumer Survey

Pharma market set for new battles

An ageing population, expanding middle class and changing lifestyles have turned non-prescription (OTC) healthcare into one of Brazil’s fastest-growing consumer sectors.

Generics boost pharmacy margins

Generic drugs are gaining ground in the prescription sector of the market, with the trend benefiting bigger companies.


Tax-exempt debentures find local buyers

Infrastructure companies are starting to make use of new funding mechanisms, but we do not see large foreign inflows in the near future.


Bank venture signals new direction on planning

The formation of the EBP is one of several moves that should pave the way for faster infrastructure development.

Bulls and Bears

Currency skirmishes

The Real has reached its lowest level since June, amid growing willingness to intervene.

Agenda: Copom to hold rates into 2013

Elsewhere in Brasília, bids for key infrastructure projects are due.

Guest Column

Why Starbucks costs more in São Paulo

Brazil’s high prices aren’t just a result of spiralling costs – they are a way for brands to distinguish themselves, says Rodrigo Moita of Insper business school.

Best of local comment

Opening the borders

Local commentators debate the government's initiative to attract foreign workers.

Uncertainty provides fuel for the pessimists

Forecasters are revising their expectations for 2013, leading commentators to question the wisdom of the government's aggressive approach to electricity concession renewals.


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