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Uruguay gives a new push to private infrastructure investment

Under its recently elected left-wing president, the country wants to make itself more attractive to business.

08 April 2015

Electricity rationing threat recedes in Brazil

Heavy rainfall and falling consumption mean that the government is unlikely to have to restrict electricity supply this year.

02 April 2015

Higher returns for Brazilian electricity projects

Brazil looks to stall decline by reviving its infrastructure programme.

26 March 2015

Brazil – high risk of electricity shortages

Politics and mismanagement may exacerbate unusually dry weather to create power shortages in the upcoming dry season.

26 February 2015

Brazil looks to attract infrastructure investment

Measures announced this week looking to increase foreign and private sector involvement in infrastructure projects may well prove ineffective, given elevated risk.

06 February 2015

Oil price plunge derails Mexico’s spending plans

The government is cutting the 2015 budget, with the biggest cuts in energy and transport infrastructure.

02 February 2015

Brazil's growth outlook deteriorates

Investment cuts at Petrobras and power shortages further depress 2015 prospects.

30 January 2015

Mexico’s hesitant progress on port infrastructure

The Peña Nieto administration is pushing ahead with a $5bn modernisation programme, but progress has been patchy, constrained by issues with disbursement of public funds.

18 December 2014

Brazilian port progress

Green light for private port comes amid stagnation in sector.

11 December 2014

Mexico – energy groups to tap capital markets

The fall in oil prices may be taking the edge off investor appetite, but plans to raise funds for the energy sector are still very much in motion.

27 November 2014

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