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Ecuador – Correa’s big infrastructure push

Lower oil prices, a weaker currency and fading Chinese enthusiasm for infrastructure finance have slowed economic growth in recent months, but Ecuador is still likely to reap the benefits of heavy public investment in energy and transport.

30 October 2014

Venezuela risks rise

For some high-yield managers the country’s bonds retain their attractions.

09 September 2014

Paraguayan bond demand highlights risk appetite

High-yield bond market appears to have shrugged off the Argentine default.

07 August 2014

Argentina negotiation hopes

Some investors say they’ll maintain exposures in spite of the US Supreme Court ruling.

20 June 2014

Mexico’s consumer gloom deepens

Confidence at a four-year low

05 February 2014

Fixed income investors favour Mexico, Peru and Colombia

Overweights exceed underweights in main fixed income markets.

21 November 2013

A political shift in Argentina?

Cristina Fernández suffers a defeat in Sunday’s legislative election.

28 October 2013

Peru frees up its capital markets

Reforms can inject new dynamism into regional integration.

24 October 2013

Mexican confidence slumps

The market favourite is losing the feel good factor.

03 October 2013

Pacific attractions lure the markets

Fund managers increase commitments to Mexico, Peru and Colombia.

26 September 2013

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