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Mexico sweetens tax terms for oil auctions

With oil prices low, the industry criticised existing fiscal terms as too tight.

10 March 2015

Another blow for Dilma Rousseff

The investigation of government politicians over the Petrobras scandal will weaken an already unpopular leader.

09 March 2015

Brazil raises rates to six-year highs

With fiscal uncertainty growing and inflationary pressure strong, further rises are on the cards.

05 March 2015

Brazil announces further spending cuts

New measures should help secure fiscal stability but will depress growth.

02 March 2015

Signs of a Chilean upturn

Lower oil prices and strong capital inflows are improving the economic outlook.

18 February 2015

Petrobras travails to continue

The departure of the company’s chief executive has brought only temporary relief for Brazil’s beleaguered oil producer.

05 February 2015

Ecuador – Correa’s big infrastructure push

Lower oil prices, a weaker currency and fading Chinese enthusiasm for infrastructure finance have slowed economic growth in recent months, but Ecuador is still likely to reap the benefits of heavy public investment in energy and transport.

30 October 2014

Venezuela risks rise

For some high-yield managers the country’s bonds retain their attractions.

09 September 2014

Paraguayan bond demand highlights risk appetite

High-yield bond market appears to have shrugged off the Argentine default.

07 August 2014

Argentina negotiation hopes

Some investors say they’ll maintain exposures in spite of the US Supreme Court ruling.

20 June 2014

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