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Mexico’s slow recovery

01 Sep

Our survey shows consumer confidence edging upwards in 3Q14.

Silva strengthens her position in polls

28 Aug

Markets welcome the growing possibility of an opposition victory in October’s presidential elections

Chile pushes major investment plans in copper

27 Aug

Codelco funding announcement follows further signs of a slowdown.

In the latest report

21 August 2014

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Breaking up Mexico’s TV and telecoms monopolies

Reforms to Mexican telecoms and television markets are set to improve conditions for competition, but challenges remain.

Resources and Trade

Assessing political risk in Peru’s mining sector

Upcoming regional elections increase the risk of disruption to mining projects in Peru.


Appetite for high-yield debt strengthens

Fund managers interviewed for our 3Q14 survey have increased exposure to high-yield LatAm debt, though there was moderate softening of sentiment towards Brazil, Mexico and the Andean economies.


Brazil's infrastructure and the election

The slow build-up is set to continue.


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