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The copper price threat to Chile and Peru

17 Sep

Declining Chinese demand should lead to lower prices as supply comes on stream.

Venezuela risks rise

09 Sep

For some high-yield managers the country’s bonds retain their attractions.

Premium products under pressure in Brazil

08 Sep

Our survey suggests many consumers are turning to cheaper products.

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18 September 2014

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Consumer Survey

Faint improvement in LatAm consumer sentiment

Consumer confidence edged upwards in the LatAm region in 3Q14, according to our latest survey. But the recovery is modest at best.

3Q14 LatAm Confidential Consumer Survey

Confidence improves QoQ, but remains weak relative to a year ago.

Resources and Trade

Mexican energy sector heating up

The Mexican private sector is beginning to grasp the opportunities opened up by the reform.


Investors increase their bets on Brazil

The prospect of government defeat in Brazil’s elections is exciting fund managers.


LatAm homebuilders hit by regional slowdown

Government spending is crucial to helping the sector ride out difficulty.


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