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Signs of a Chilean upturn

18 Feb

Lower oil prices and strong capital inflows are improving the economic outlook.

Peru under pressure

17 Feb

Lower mining revenues hit 2014 GDP growth.

Venezuela’s currency fudge

11 Feb

New adjustments to the exchange rate system will not alleviate economic pressures.

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26 February 2015

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Mexico – growing opportunities in healthcare

Medical tourism and new consumer demand are driving growth in Mexican healthcare and increasing private equity and venture capital interest, but the sector remains fragmented.

Regional demand for healthcare edges up

Although demand for quality healthcare is growing, our Consumer Survey shows the cost of many plans has increased significantly, especially in Brazil.

Resources and Trade

Managing the oil revenue decline

The fall in oil prices has put significant pressure on the budgets of Latin America’s oil producers, but some governments have reacted quicker than others to face down this threat.


Brazil – austerity to exact a high price

Dilma Rousseff faces a challenge in pushing through the fiscal austerity Brazil needs to put itself on a more stable footing. Either way, the short-term economic outlook is negative, with recession and increased political tensions all but certain.


Brazil – high risk of electricity shortages

Politics and mismanagement may exacerbate unusually dry weather to create power shortages in the upcoming dry season.


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