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A second term for Dilma

27 Oct

Brazil’s re-elected president has promised to build bridges with business, but share prices have fallen sharply in the wake of her narrow election win.

Dilma, the clear favourite

24 Oct

Two days ahead of Brazil’s election, President Dilma Rousseff has established a solid lead in the most recent opinion polls.

Alfa’s oil ambitions

23 Oct

The Mexican company's plan to raise capital is part of a broader advance by local groups into the newly liberalised energy sector.

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30 October 2014

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Shopping mall prospects remain strong

In spite of a slowdown in development, the popularity of shopping malls is increasing and longer-term prospects are good.

Resources and Trade

Mexico – manufacturing a revival

LatAm Confidential’s on-the-ground research finds evidence of an uptick in export-led industries, driven by cheap labour and supportive infrastructure, though security is an increasingly important factor in determining where that investment is made.


The impact of cheaper oil on regional finances

Recent falls in oil prices are increasing fiscal pressure on oil-dependent Latin American economies, particularly Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador.


Ecuador – Correa’s big infrastructure push

Lower oil prices, a weaker currency and fading Chinese enthusiasm for infrastructure finance have slowed economic growth in recent months, but Ecuador is still likely to reap the benefits of heavy public investment in energy and transport.


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